Bluebox CD

Bluebox Release CD

Bluebox CD – All I want to do Is Play the Blues My blues band Bluebox have released their first CD “All I Want to do is Play the Blues”. It’s a blues rock album featuring the “Hammond Accordion” sound – the natural accordion sound is mixed with a Hammond organ emulation (being generated simultaneously […]

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Bluebox's George and Nick

Bluebox at The Big Cwtch

Bluebox are playing The Big Cwtch on Saturday 13th September at 2.00pm. It’s a Charity music and food festival with 2 stages and loads of bands (and food) held in Glanrannel Park House, Crugybar, Carmarthenshire SA19 8SA. AJ (our drummer) is having an op on his knee so we’re rehearsing a “no drums” set of […]

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What do you get if you take 2 bolts, a spoon, an aeroplane propeller, a cricket ball, a golf ball an ad for Brasso and some bits of guitar hardware……may I present the mighty Propellercaster! What is it? It’s a slide guitar with electric pick-ups made with half a propeller that my Dad had – […]

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