Composition – Writing Music

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I really enjoy song-writing and music composition! I write songs and tunes in a plethora of styles from folk to electronica, and since I moved to Pembrokeshire many have some Welsh connection. I always have a backlog of themes and ideas for when a project that can use them comes along and have written for bands, film makers, horse riders (dressage!), schools and adverts, – to take an idea, picture or words (from someone else) and then write some music for them great and exciting thing. If you want me to have a bash, I’m right up for it.

Electro Comfort 18 written and recorded by George Whitfield.

Beth written and transcribed by George Whitfield

Music for "Beth" by George Whitfield
Music for “Beth” a folky tune by George Whitfield




I can provide printed, copyright free music in all forms: a recorded version, manuscript, tab or chord pictures for guitar (or ukulele or anything!) Everything I produce can be easily and cheaply modified.

My basic rate is £100 per day: get me going on a composition project for a whole day and you may end up with a lot more music than you wanted! (I also do half days).

Electro Beth recorded using Korg Gadget (despite being written for accordion!)


Electro Beth has a tiny intro and outro but is otherwise an electro rendition of the music above.