Collaborations or other people I sometimes play with

It’s great for me that I get to play with a lot of different other musicians. This page is for musical collaborations that don’t have a page of their own.

Henry Sears

Henry Sears with fiddle
Henry Sears plays fiddle, mandolin, whistle and sings.


When I have gigs with Henry we tend to be billed as “Henry Sears and George Whitfield” or the other way round! Henry is a great fiddle player who has toured on the folk circuit with Afterhours and Leon Hunt. Playing as a duo we differ from Fiddlebox in that I use my MIDI on the accordion to produce a more rock/pop sound, and the material we play strays from celtic and bluegrass tunes to pop songs like “I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone”.

Damian Clarke

Damian Clarke with hurdy gurdy
Damian Clarke plays hurdy gurdy, hammered dulcimer,guitar and sings.


Damian is the driving force of Pressgang and does hundreds of solo concerts each year. When he comes to Wales I often end up guesting on a few numbers at his shows which is always great fun. Go to the shop if you want to have a listen to some of his tracks or go to his website here.

Huw John / Cadi Ha!

Huw John - caller for twmpath
Huw John – caller for twmpath – the Welsh variant of ceilidh or barn dance.


Huw is a very experienced caller for dances and twmpath, steeped in the Welsh tradition he guides dancers through a range of traditional dances. When me and Helen Adam (Fiddlebox) are providing the music to dance to we call ourselves Cadi Ha!