Yanni Hrysicos of Caffe Vistsa, Tenby with Propellercaster and Spanner Metallophone

Upcycled Musical Instruments on Exhibition at Caffe Vista

Upcycled Musical Instruments on Display in Tenby Upcycled musical instruments made by me – George Whitfield are on exhibit in the window of Tenby’s Caffe Vista (Crackwell Street, Tenby, 01834 849636) Generally the ideas come from stuff that could have been thrown out.   Upcycled Musical Instruments Propellercaster and Spanner Metallophone The slide guitar Propellercaster was […]

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What do you get if you take 2 bolts, a spoon, an aeroplane propeller, a cricket ball, a golf ball an ad for Brasso and some bits of guitar hardware……may I present the mighty Propellercaster! What is it? It’s a slide guitar with electric pick-ups made with half a propeller that my Dad had – […]

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