Spanner Metallophone

After a few shenanigans my spanner metallophone is finished.

Spanner metallophone
Spanner metallophone


I tuned the vintage spanners with a grinder and fixed them to an old guitar body (donated by Kevin of the Snooty Fox – thanks!) my biggest problem was drilling one the spanners – a war department spanner stamped “1945” which was so hard it blunted my drill. After reading up on it on the internet I softened it by heating to the right colour and then quenching it in the water butt – exciting. I will be bringing it to the Dingle acoustic session on Tuesday 17th June. My next project is another slide guitar, this time based on an old aeroplane propeller. If anyone has broken instruments that could I could have to up-cycle I would be very grateful – anything considered! Also if you want a unique instrument get in touch.

Spanner metallophone and hubcap slide guitar
Spanner metallophone and hubcap slide guitar

7 thoughts on “Spanner Metallophone”

  1. How about a ‘radical radiator tuba’? It would have to be one of the old fashioned ones with seperate pipes! 🙂

  2. George, I have to ask – are these spanners from your Dad’s collection of old tools? He always used to come back from car boot sales with the most tremendous hauls of old chisels, planes, garden tools, books and what have you. I’d love to think these spanners were his.

    1. Hi Emma,
      I’m afraid not – I bought them locally from a fellow who regularly puts bits and bobs outside his house for sale. Having said that I do have a large collection of unusual tools inherited from Daddy! My favourites are a hand drill converted by him to count the turns (so he could use it to wind rubber for model aeroplanes) and some rather ghastly surgical instruments for holding incisions open and clamping veins and stuff! (never used by him or me!!!).

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