George Whitfield Solo Gigs

My solo gigs fall into various categories depending on what I’m doing: My solo performances are usually billed as “George Whitfield, Singer and Accordion Player” or just “George Whitfield”.

Music for Restaurants, Bars, Parties and Weddings

George Whitfield relaxing with an accordion

George Whitfield relaxing with an accordion

I sing hundreds of well-known songs from Abba to ZZ Top!  The accordion makes a brilliant  accompanying instrument and through my quality PA system the result is a big sound for a solo artist. With my large repertoire I can cater for most tastes without needing any music.

Art Gigs

George Whitfield in the spotlight

George Whitfield in the spotlight


This is where I get to play what I want to! I write loads of songs and my art gigs tend to be a mixture of my own stuff and other songs that I’ve arranged to sing with an accordion accompaniment. I also play and sing with my homemade slide guitars. I don’t play much folk at these gigs – it tends to lean more towards a kind of “one man Pink Floyd” and yes I do sometimes cover Comfortably Numb.

Interactive Sessions and Concerts for Care Homes.

George Whitfield with Cliff Baker

George Whitfield with Cliff Baker who was always a great character and enjoyed the music.


I do a lot of these and there is a page about it here. I have loads of tambourines, sleigh bells, maracas, castanets, shakers and other percussion which I hand out to liven up my shows. I know hundreds of songs by heart and love to do requests wherever possible. Learning all these great songs has been a terrific education for me too – you get a much better insight into how a song works by singing it than just listening!