Skype / FaceTime Accordion Lessons

Skype / FaceTime Accordion Lessons

When I got asked to do some accordion lessons on-line I was a bit unsure but they have gone very well so now I’m offering them to anyone who might want them. A half hour lesson is £16 and includes any music or exersises I send by email before or after the lesson. Here is a quick video about it.

There is more about my Accordion Lessons here.
and goto Accordion Tips and Tricks with videos.
There are some blogson Learning the Accordion with videos including bass scales here

4 thoughts on “Skype / FaceTime Accordion Lessons”

  1. Loved the Whiter Shade of Pale George. You can maybe teach me how you play that when I come down for a lesson. In the meantime here’s my email address so I can be notified of new posts from you. Best regards. Adrian

  2. Have just started having online lessons with George and I’m finding it very enjoyable and informative. George is very knowledgeable but also flexible and highly encouraging. I’m pleasantly surprised how well the online lessons work and I feel I’ve made a lot of progress in the few weeks we’ve been working together.

    Thanks George for all your effort! I’m getting lots of value from this.

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