I’ve been in and out of recording studios since the 80’s and every experience teaches you something, In these days of computer DAW’s and low cost microphones pretty much every home recording setup is capable of really high quality finished product. The difference between excellent and ordinary is in the hands of the engineer, so although I don’t have a proper studio I can still do excellent recordings with a few limitations.

Don’t use me if..

If you are recording with a live drum kit, go to a studio that has a decent sized live room! (How about Studio 49 in Narberth who have a website here). If you want to capture a whole band simultaneously – but still have the luxury of full separation on each track you may need a bigger studio with multiple rooms. I can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously but don’t have the space to do it properly.

What I can do well

If you want vocals plus instruments recorded one or two at a time we can build a track that way. So demos for singer/guitarists or people who want to build up backing tracks on a DAW and sing over that. What I can offer is my experience and technical expertise, in a room with 2 sets of high quality monitor speakers, decent microphones, excellent programming skills if you want some custom backing tracks and better value for money. My basic rate is £100 for 5 hours.

Listen to some stuff I’ve recorded

“Bluebox” by George Whitfield – the song that inspired the band


Bluebox was a concept before it was a band and I made this demo, playing or programming all the parts. The result made me want to take the sound out live and the actual real band Bluebox got formed. There’s quite a lot of tracks on this recording – I actually even play trumpet for the horn stabs which I can’t really play!

“On the Line” from the CD Fiddlebox by Fiddlebox


The whole of the first Fiddlebox CD was recorded by me when I lived in Llandyfaelog near Carmarthen. It’s recorded on the same (or less good!) equipment as I have now and features a mixture of live instruments and vocals as well as computer generated keyboard and bass sounds. The finished trackes were then mastered by David Unlimbo (who taught me a lot about mastering – I do it myself now!) The CD is described in my shop or you can go straight to Fiddlebox’s shop.

 “Nyth y Gwcw duet” from the CD Knotwork by Helen Adam


I recorded Helen Adam and Abigail Hammett playing Helen’s arrangements of Welsh folk tunes for her CD Knotwork. Most of the tracks fiddle duets played live into a pair of microphones (there is the occasional trio track – the third part being played as an overdub). Knotwork is described in my shop or you can go straight to Helen’s website.