Pressgang at a festival

My last (forseeable) gig with Pressgang

Well, never say never, but after 14/9/14 I will no longer be a part of Pressgang. Damian has hinted that he he may carry on with a new line-up alongside his brilliant solo work so watch this space!

Pressgang at a festival
Pressgang’s current line up: Damian Clarke, Cliff Eastabrook, Tony Lyons and George Whitfield


Life moves on…

Having played with Pressgang for half my life it’s quite a break – but I cannot give the band the attention it deserves so life moves on. My last gig is a Belgium festival – “Scottish Weekend in Bilzen. Lots going on all weekend including Welsh band Mabon on Saturday and Pressgang on Sunday, details here.

Pressgang Acoustic
Pressgang play acoustic – The line up in 2000 with Miranda Sykes, Damian Clarke, George Whitfield and Maclaine Colston

Thank you…

Over the years I have played with countless line ups of amazing musicians and had the help and support of fans, promoters, and all kinds of other people so THANK YOU! you know who you are!

Pressgang Gangbanger
Pressgang Line up from the early 90’s: Imogen Gunnar, John Forrester, George Whitfield, Damian Clarke and Tony Lyons – not forgetting “The Gangbanger”

One thought on “My last (forseeable) gig with Pressgang”

  1. Wow, thats a sad headline to read indeed.

    Just played through some of your old tracks from way back when and old photos….feeling nostalgic now!

    Georgie x

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