D.I.Y. Hammond Leslie Horn

D.I.Y. Horn made from broken Trumpet for Leslie in Hammond T-202


Getting that Honky Sound

The Hammond T-202 has an inbuilt Leslie speaker which sounds pretty good but only has a 10″ cone with a 2 speed rotating baffle – no horns for that high end and honky air distortion. To modify it I bought a compression driver for £7 (plus around £6 delivery!) from Blue Aran (here) and fitted it with a horn from a broken trumpet. By pointing the horn at the inbuilt Leslie’s rotating baffle I get some modulation too. It works quite well – here is a video recorded on my phone with and without the horn.

Tech Stuff

The compression driver is 8 ohms and I put it in parallel with my 8 ohm Leslie speaker. (This may seem rash since it now presents only 4 ohms to the amp but the non-Leslie speakers in the T202 present 4 ohms so I know that’s OK.) I also put a 22mf capacitor in series with the compression driver to knock out the bass – this capacitor should not be electrolytic since it has to work both ways round.