Bluebox CD

Bluebox Release CD

Bluebox CD – All I want to do Is Play the Blues

My blues band Bluebox have released their first CD “All I Want to do is Play the Blues”. It’s a blues rock album featuring the “Hammond Accordion” sound – the natural accordion sound is mixed with a Hammond organ emulation (being generated simultaneously on my MIDI accordion) and the whole lot is overdriven though a valve amp!

Bluebox CD
Bluebox CD

You can listen to a track (Bluebox) and order the CD in my shop. There is another track (All I Want to do is Play the Blues) on my SoundCloud and for good measure here is another track “I Don’t Believe in Paranormal” which features my dog howling during the solos!

The CD track listing is:

  1. Bluebox
  2. Jimmy Spey
  3. All I Want to do is Play the Blues
  4. I Miss You
  5. Satnav, Leather and Cruise Control
  6. Love Hate Love
  7. I Don’t Believe in Paranormal
  8. Ashes and Dust

Many thanks to my brilliant band: A. J. on Drums, Bob Murphy on Bass and Nick Swannell on Guitar who also recorded the CD at his “Studio 49

Thanks to Jennie Jen who took all the photos on the CD cover – her website is here.


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