Accordion Lessons

Accordion Lessons

George Whitfield Accordion Teacher

I offer private one-to-one piano accordion lessons in Pembrokeshire for adults and children of all levels. Along with teaching accordion using tutor books I produce and supply a variety of exercise sheets and pieces arranged for accordion. These useful teaching aids are supplied free and can be fine tuned to the needs and ability of particular students.

Exersises and music for accordion lessons by George Whitfield
Welsh folk tune Y Delyn Newydd arranged for accordion with easy basses

Posture, Bellows and Style!

As well as teaching a good fundamental knowledge of music theory, playing technique and so on I am very keen that my students learn to play with good posture, bellows control and style.

Good posture can help fluidity in playing and as I know from bitter experience, save you some trips to the shoulder specialist! When you are concentrating on playing the right notes, it’s easy to let your posture suffer.

The bellows are the heart of the accordion and good bellows control makes a huge difference to the rhythm and feel that you can give to a piece. Good discipline early pays great dividends later for players!

I love to play and teach many musical styles from pop to classical including Blues, Zydeco and Cajun, Klezmer and Eastern European, English Folk, Celtic Folk including Welsh, Scots and Irish – not to mention my love of electro-pop and Glen Miller style Big Band, both of which the accordion turns out to be excellent at! Different genres often have their own set of ornaments and embellishments which can enhance what may be written on the page.

Accordion lessons take place during term-time at my home in Narberth, Pembrokeshire.  For more details you can phone 07814 439566 or email